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"Play the odds. Always be professional when meeting new people. Do that and you'll close more sales. Even if they're not a potential client, they may know someone who is."

~ Tom Hopkins

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Closing Sales in Today's Economy

by: Tom Hopkins in Tom's December, 2009 Newsletter

While other salespeople waste their days complaining about their lack of sales, true professionals are busy. In fact, they're too busy to pay attention to the nay-sayers.

What are they doing? They're serving the needs of their existing clients, getting referrals and closing new business.

How can that be when the economy is in a slump? It's simple. Activity breeds productivity. Champions may feel the affects of a downturn in business, but it doesn't affect the level of service they provide. Rather than dwelling on the bad and sad news, they're seeking opportunity in every news story...in every conversation...in every client contact.

Stop right now and review the list of your top 10 clients. When was the last time you spoke with each of them? If it's been more than 30 days, you stand the risk of losing them to the competition.

It's a fact that those companies who keep training, keep busy, keep connected, keep advertising, not only fare better during challenging economic times, but they exceed their competition's sales by as much as 50% as the marketplace improves. That's because their competition is pulling back. Training budgets have been cut. Advertising budgets have been trimmed. Too many companies retreat so far that some of their clients wonder if they're still in business or going to make it through. When clients start to wonder, their interest starts to wander. They're primed for you to catch their attention and earn their business.

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Wouldn't you like to see a 50% increase in sales over the next year? Then get busy. Make a commitment to contact every one of your existing clients during the next 30 days. Ask how they are doing. Find out what they're doing to conserve financially or to generate new business for themselves. Show them that you care...that you are still there, ready and waiting to provide them with a high level of service. Wish them happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

If you have too many clients to contact directly in 30 days, reach out to your top 10% in person. Send the next 15% a personal note or letter. And at the very least, email the rest. Even better, contact each of your clients in the manner in which they prefer. Some people prefer email contact so they can respond at their leisure. Others prefer the personal aspects of a phone conversation.

Include in every conversation or contact these words, "What can I do for you today?" Always offer to give first...ask later. When the time is right for you to ask for something ask first for their continued business; second for referrals using our 6-step referral process. If you do both on every contact, you'll soon be closing more sales...even in today's economy!

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