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“The Master of Selling has outdone himself! As a former rep for Tom Hopkins, I have read evey book, listened to every audio, and seen every seminar Tom has ever produced, and I can tell you with great confidence his newest release, Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One is Buying is hands down the best book Tom has ever written.
Tom candidly discusses tough issues with such compassion and clarity, I couldn't put it down. This book is a must read for anyone in any business, regardless of whether or not you feel personally affected by today’s economy. A truly tremendous effort destined to help more people than he ever has before!”

Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., author of The Life You Deserve & Sales 101
I just wanted to take a minute this morning and thank you for producing "Selling in Tough Times"... What a treasure. It's the little things that so many sales people fail to consider and take action on in order to become sales professionals. I'm recommending this to everyone and I never hesitate to sell people on the value of investing in themselves, especially when the investment is $24.98, awesome!
I wish you the best because you have made such a difference in my life and the young saleswomen/salesmen who work on my team. I don't know if you'll actually receive this, but if you do.... I just want to say, "You the man! ”

—Philip J Howard, Channel Manager, Airband
“Does a wonderful job of bringing the focus back to those sales principles that tend to be forgotten during times of prosperity.”

—Jim Weichert, president of Weichert Realtors
“Tom’s ingenious methods outran all the others. You’ll reap the benefits tenfold.”

—Nancy Friedman, president of Telephone Doctor Customer Service
“Tom is the grand master of converting ‘trying times’ into ‘buying times.’ He’ll get you back on top and help you stay on top!”

—Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning
“Packed with ideas and sales techniques. Regardless the economic picture, Tom is the master of selling NOW!”

—Joel Weldon, Speakers Hall of Fame executive speech coach and sales trainer
“Buy this book today! Any reader can translate his words into successful action.”

—Peter H. Thomas, founder of Century 21 Real Estate Canada
“Extremely timely and right on target!”

—James Abrams, CEO of Clockwork Home Services
“Selling in tough times just got a whole lot easier! Don’t just read this book . . . USE it.”

—Anthony Parinello, author of Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer
“The world’s best sales trainer and salesperson shows how to sell yourself rich—now while others are idling.”

—Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul
“A must read . . . a book of proven practices.”

—Tony Jeary, author of Strategic Acceleration

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