Tom Hopkins Sales Training Special Offer

Tom Hopkins’  Proven Closes that Make Potential Clients Say, “Yes!” More Often!

How is it that in a world of sales professionals with similar training, motivation and initiative, only a select few sell more and make more money?  The reason is the elite have mastered more closes, and are better skilled at delivering them when buying signs appear.

My powerful audio program titled, “Academy of Master Closing,” is one of his most advanced sales courses around. It normally retails for $225.00 plus tax and shipping. For limited time you can own it for only $135.00 (you save $90.00).  You can acquire this audio program in CD format, as an MP3 instant download, or on a USB flash drive. The program consists of nearly 8 hours of advanced selling skills training just on the topic of closing sales and includes the student manual used by those who attended the live program.

Order Academy of Master Closing on CD        Order MP3 version of Academy of Master Closing      Click to order Academy of Master Closing on USB Flash Drive

My own sales career took off after I mastered over 60 sales closes.

Should you master all of them like I did?  Maybe over the course of your career. For now, you only need to know a few more than your competition does.  The key is to recognize what selling situation you are in and which close to use. I cover 22 of them in this program. I’m confident you’ll find several that will make a difference in the results you’re getting.

Academy of Master Closing Audio Sales Training Course

If you have an understanding of the basics let me take you beyond — to the Master Closer level.  Let me show you how to develop the art of closing the sale by understanding what the art is, how it affects you and others.  Here are some of the topics in this course:

  • Communication tools of the greatest Sales professionals
  • Avoiding the destroyer of sales
  • 5 reasons people don’t buy
  • Common personality types
  • Rapport Building
  • Three main sources of objections
  • What salespeople really do when they close
  • Eliminating closing distractions
  • The add-on sales process
  • Referrals
  • Dealing with the competition
  • Plus many labs and closing scripts

This course was recorded before a live audience at an advanced 3-day sales training seminar.  It is available in 3 formats, CD, MP3 Download or USB Flash drive.  This training is revolutionary information that separates those who earn $75,000 a year in sales from those who earn double that amount or more! You might be surprised to learn that you can try the Academy of Master Closing for 30 days with our money back guarantee. The current special investment is just $135.00. My students tell me it’s worth every penny.

Order Academy of Master Closing on CD        Order MP3 version of Academy of Master Closing      Click to order Academy of Master Closing on USB Flash Drive

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