What to Send During the Holidays

What to SendOne of the biggest challenges faced at this time of year is what to send during the holidays. This is an area of business that can be quite touchy if mishandled.

If you know for a  fact which of the seasonal holidays each of your clients celebrates, good for you! You can simply do a little research online to determine the most appropriate way of acknowledging it. If you don’t know, or if your clients represent a mixed bag of celebrations, opt for the least likely to offend.

My preferred holiday to recognize is Thanksgiving. Most years it is the first holiday of the season so you can take care of it early and not be concerned about missing a date in the middle of things. I like to send Thanksgiving cards or letters that express my sincere gratitude for having the recipients as clients. I usually include a simple mention of best wishes as they celebrate the rest of the holiday season. Then, I end with wishing them a safe, happy and prosperous New Year and the commitment to continue to serve their needs in the future.

Opting to send Thanksgiving messages allows you to accomplish so many things:

  1. Yours will likely be the first card or letter your clients receive. Thus, it will get more attention than if it arrived amid a pile of cards and letters.
  2. You can never go wrong with expressing gratitude for someone allowing you to serve their needs.
  3. With a sort of generic reference to the rest of the holiday season, most folks will mentally fill in the blank with their personal favorite.
  4.  You simply appreciate them. You do no selling in this message.

If you’re very familiar with my training, you’ll know that I set a goal many years ago to send 10 Thank You notes each day. That meant I had to engage with at least 10 people each day and find something to thank them for whether or not it directly involved business. It’s an excellent practice that I still engage in today. When you operate with a grateful heart and mind, you will draw people to you–people you can eventually serve.

If you intend to follow my practice of sending Thanksgiving messages, be certain to mail them at least a week before the Thanksgiving. That way they will arrive in advance and your clients will enjoy them during the days leading into the holiday.

Here is the wording for the message I sent to my real estate clients: During this season of Thanksgiving, let us thank you for being a valued client. It has been our pleasure serving you during this past year. We so look forward to working with you for many enjoyable years in the future. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, a joyous holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!

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