Asking Final Closing Questions

final closing questionFinal closing questions are part of a topic I’m asked about quite often.

The key point is that after you ask your final closing questions that your presentation is finished. You should not say another word. In most sales situations, whoever speaks first after the final closing question has been posed will own the product. If you speak first, you will likely keep it in your inventory. If the buyer or potential client speaks first, they will likely buy.

After that final closing question the buyer is obligated to answer one of two ways. They either accept the offer you’ve made or they don’t. If they do accept it, you can quickly move onto the paperwork or whatever method you use for completing a sale. If they say “no” or hesitate in any way, hopefully, you can keep the discussion about their needs open. You will then need to discover what about your product does NOT serve their needs (in their minds anyway). If you can keep them talking about their needs and the solution they’re seeking you will have an opportunity to save this sale. If they just say “no” and do not utter another word about the product, you may need to ask for permission to continue to speak with them about your products.

A lost sale is never truly lost. Do not burn bridges with non-clients. If they buy from someone else today, they may be unhappy with their decision. By checking back with them regularly, you may win their future business.



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