Closing Strategy, “If you say yes”

Since most clients have a ‘say no’ mentality when you first begin talking with them, you would be wise to have a way to counter it. In fact, I encourage you to incorporate the phrases “If you say yes…” and “When you say yes…” into more of your presentations. It mentally takes them from withholding making a decision to enjoying the benefits of your offering.

“When you say ‘yes’ to this investment program, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your daughter will have the resources she needs to complete her college education and walk across that stage on graduation day.”

“If you say yes today, Mr. James, we can complete the installation of your new system by March 15th. Not only will you have this decision behind you but you’ll be enjoying all the benefits we’ve discussed here today.”

This close turns the tables on your potential clients’ fears. Fear is very likely telling them to say ‘no.’ By demonstrating with words what happens when they say yes, they are forced to think about what won’t happen if they continue to say ‘no.’

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