The Benefit Summary Close

Many prospective clients will want to negotiate or hold back from making a decision. It’s a natural response. They won’t want to give in too easily, even though the product or service is right for them. With someone like this, the benefit summary makes what they’re getting seem like so much, they’d look silly if they held out for something more.

Phraseology: “John, I can appreciate any hesitation you may have about going ahead. However, let me reiterate the benefits you’re gaining by joining our fitness center today. With the plan you’ve chosen, you’re getting 18 months of additional membership for an investment of only two years’ service. You’re receiving three private sessions with a personal trainer. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art, and we increase the number of machines in the club as demand increases, sothere should hardly ever be at ime when you can’t get on the machine of your choice when you want it. There’s always a trainer on the floor to assist you with questions. We offer over forty fitness classes per week. With your initial membership, you’ll receive three 10-day passes for friends (etc., etc.). What aspects of a club were you expecting that we may be missing?”

When he or she replies with the obvious, “nothing,” they’ve bought!

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