Closing Strategy, Increased Productivity

Oftentimes when marketing to clients of a corporation, they aren’t aware of how much an increase in morale can add to the productivity of the entire company. The productivity close brings that point home, so you’re not only educating your clients on the power of employee morale, but also giving them something to prove it with. This close pours on value for the benefits of your product.

Phraseology: “What I’m offering is not just a good health insurance program; it’s a boost in employee morale. Have you ever noticed how anything new increases job interest and excitement? Excitement increases morale. Morale increases productivity, and what is increased productivity worth?”

Point it out to your clients that increased productivity can generate enough increased income to more that make up for the increased investment. On top of that, point out to the clients how investing in your product can also increase loyalty and reduce turnover, thus saving them even more money on advertising for new hires.

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  1. I think that the more closing opportunities and the right things to say will always help close more sales

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