Closing Strategy, The Lost Sale

It’s bound to happen that you’ll reach the point in a sale where you just cannot get your prospective client to make a decision. When this happens, relieve any pressure that may have built up by packing to leave. Then, since you have nothing to lose, deliver these words:

Phraseology: “Pardon me, John and Mary, before I leave, may I apologize for not doing my job tonight? You see, if I had done my job tonight, I would have said the things necessary to convince you of the value of (the name of your product or service). Because I didn’t, you won’t be enjoying the benefits of this fine product, and believe me, I’m truly sorry.

So that I don’t make the same mistake again, would you take a moment and tell me what I did or what I said wrong?”

In most cases, they’ll be willing to help and will tell you just what turned them off to the sale. This will give you an opportunity to correct that error and close the sale after all!

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