Closing Strategy, Reduction to the Ridiculous

This strategy involves converting total or monthly amounts of money into daily amounts that make the investment seem more ‘do-able.’ Depending on how open your clients are, you might want to hand them a calculator and have them do the math themselves. This doesn’t mean you don’t do it. Simply have them do it along with you.

Step #1: Use the It Costs Too Much Close to get a fixed amount.

“John, today most things do. Can you tell me about how much ‘too much’ you
feel it is?

Step #2: Establish how many years they will enjoy the product or

Step #3: Divide amount by years to get the annual amount.

Step #4: Divide annual amount by 52 weeks per year to get the weekly

Step #5: Divide weekly amount by 5 or 7 days to get the daily amount. When you get down to a daily amount, simply say, “John, Mary, do you think you should give up all the benefits we’ve been discussing for only $(daily amount) per day?”


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