Mastering Sales Closing Techniques

sales closingMastering sales closing techniques is the only way to succeed — no matter which industry you represent. The average consumer knows at least three ways to stall or stop a sale. If you only know how to address two of those concerns, what are the odds of closing the sale? Not very good.

Keep a running list of the concerns you hear most often about your product or service. Determine the best ways to address them (perhaps among your sales associates). Then master those words!

After you address the concerns, it’s time to close. It’s been reported that the average decision-maker doesn’t say ‘yes’ to a buying decision until after saying ‘no’ five times. Count ’em, five! If that’s the case, the ‘average’ salesperson has to have at least six closes in their arsenal.

Champions must have even more. Average salespeople look at learning multiple closes as drudgery. Champions recognize each close as giving them another opportunity to serve their clients’ needs.

Are you limiting your opportunities or are you dedicated to mastering more closes? Dedicate yourself to mastering one new close every month.


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