My Dear Old Mother Close

I learned this close from the incredible Zig Ziglar. It’s as old as the hills, but still works in today’s selling situations.

There will be times when you are ready to ask for the ‘autograph on the paperwork’ and the client just sits there thinking — in total silence. If you’ve done your job well to this point, do not let the silence undermine your confidence. Your mission is to keep quiet and not fidget. I know from personal experience how difficult this can be. It requires great self-discipline to not break the silence. Remember, the sale is on the line, and the first one to speak usually owns the product.

If you simply cannot bear the silence, and are totally confident that what you are offering is a good decision for your client, wait at least a full minute (counting one one-thousand, etc. in your head if you must). Then say, “Jim, my dear old mother once told me that silence means consent. Was she right?” At times, all the client needs is that little extra nudge to put pen to paper. Or, if they’re really struggling with the decision, this should help get them talking about their hesitation so you have something to work with.

Now, I would never want you to lie, so please go to your mother or a friend’s mother and ask her to tell you that phrase!

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