The Basic Oral Close

This is the simplest close you’ll ever learn. In fact, it’s so simple that you may doubt it’s effectiveness. However, a UCLA study done many years ago proves its worth. When folks were asked why they didn’t go ahead with a purchase after talking with a salesperson about a product at length, many (too many) said, “We were never asked.”

Please understand that your job is not one of a professional presenter. You are not meeting with clients for their entertainment. Your #1 goal is to get people to like you, trust you and want to listen to you. While you have their attention it’s your job to show them the benefits of your offering and if and when you truly feel it’s good for them, to ASK FOR THE SALE.

In case it’s be awhile since you operated so simply, here are a few phrases to consider:

Alternate of choice: “Would you prefer handling the investment by cash, check or credit card?”

“Do you prefer to have the invoices for this service sent to your home or your office address?””We can begin to service your yard on Monday or Wednesday. Which would you prefer?” 

Open questions:“By the way, Mary, what purchase order number will be assigned to this acquisition?””What method of payment do you plan to use for this investment?”I’m sure you can come up with others that are specific to your product or industry. The point is to come up with them and USE them. Simple questions that ask for the order are often the best way to go. Make yourself a promise right now that you will never leave a client contact without asking for the sale.

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