The Fact-Weighing Scale Approach

Use this close when the people you serve say they want to weigh the facts before deciding whether or not to own your product or service:

“I understand how you feel John, and weighing the facts before making a decision makes a lot of sense. In fact, when I’m in this type of situation, I use a method called the ‘Fact-Weighing Scale Approach.’ Here’s how it works: first, we draw a scale. On the left side of the scale, we pile up, just like small weights, the reasons you feel it makes good sense to go ahead. On the right side of the scale, we pile up the reasons you feel are against it. When we are finished, the decision will be weighed. Let’s try it, ok?”

(Go for a minimum of six reasons for the decision.)

“Now, what are the weights you feel are against the decision?”

(Don’t help on the right side!)

“Let’s see what we’ve got. On the left side of the scale, we have six heavy reasons why you should go ahead. On the right side, we only have two against. So the answer is rather obvious, isn’t it? By the way, I know you will be happy that we took the time to do what you wanted to do, which was to weigh the facts.”

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