The “I can get it cheaper” Close

Even if you’re brand new to selling, you will have likely hear this one from clients. Nearly all of them say it. Some may use differenet forms such as wanting to shop around or look for a better bargain but it means the same thing. It’s nothing more than a little sign of fear on the part of the buyer.

Their fear is twofold. One fear is that they’re making a bad decision. The other is that they will part with too much of their money for what they’re gaining in benefits. Either way, they’re telling you that they do want your product. Your job is to calm those emotional fears and help them to rationalize the decision.

Begin by agreeing with them. Say, “That may well be true, Jerry. And after all in today’s economy, we all want the most for our money. A truth that I have learned over the years is that the cheapest price is not always what we really want. Most people look for three things when making an investment (or purchase).

  1. The finest quality
  2. The best service
  3. The lowest price

I have never yet found a company that could provide all three–the finest quality and the best service at the lowest price. I’m curious, Jerry, for your long-term happiness, which of those three would you be most willing to give up? Quality? Service? Or, low price?”

Rarely will clients want to skimp on quality or service. What you’ve done with these words is to remind them–in a kind and gentle way–that you get what you pay for. This reinforces the benefits you’ve already discussed with them as being of tremendous value. This should put a little doubt in their minds about the quality of product and service they might get elsewhere while trying to save a few dollars.

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