The Management Support Close

There will be times, especially when you’re new, when a potential client may doubt that you know enough about the product to be giving them the best advice. Until you get your feet wet, make it a point to have a senior salesperson or your manager available to answer questions for you during a presentation. When your future clients are hesitant, just reach for the phone to get them the information using these words:

“John and Mary, it seems that the challenge with getting you involved with our ____________ is that possibly you’re not convinced of all the benefits you will receive. I’m getting my associate/manager on the phone right now to answer any questions that I may not have covered to your satisfaction.”

Say hello to your phone contact, introduce your future clients, and then hand one of them the phone. Even better, use a speaker phone to include the other person in the meeting. Let your support person take it from there. When the call is over, you should be able to move into your final closing sequence with your paperwork.

Never be afraid to ask for help in serving others if you believe it to truly be a wise decision for the client.

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