The Negative Economy Close

The economy runs in cycles. Anyone over the age of 30 has already lived through several highs and lows in his or her lifetime. It happens. Unfortunately, for every high, there’s a low. Of late, news has been leaning toward the lows, hasn’t it? For those of us who have been there before, we know the power of the lows and how to ride them out. However, not all of our clients do. That’s when this close comes in very handy. It’s designed to help your clients overcome their fears relative to the current economy.

“John, years ago, I learned a truth. Successful people buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying. There are many people talking in terms of a potential recession these days, aren’t they? At our company, we’ve decided not to let it bother us. Do you know why? Because many of today’s greatest fortunes built their foundations during poor economic times. People who could envision the long term opportunity rather than the short term challenges made wise buying decisions and became successful. Of course, they had to be willing to make those decisions, didn’t they? Today, you have the same opportunity to make that same kind of decision. Will you?”

As with all of our closes, learn the words, feel the flow, understand the concept. Use it, modify it to your style and needs and keep using it.

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