Balance is Critical

Balance is critical to success in business and in life.

Being off-balance for just a few moments can be exhilarating. Some instances that come to mind are when we first realize we’re falling in love; when we receive great praise from someone we admire or respect; or even when we enjoy a roller coaster ride like those at Disneyland. In those moments, little else can capture our attention. We are “in the moment.” Those are wonderful feelings that everyone should experience often in their lives.

However, being off-balance for longer than those moments can create the opposite of those positive feelings. Being off balance can be dangerous to our relationships, to our physical beings, and to our careers. It’s no fun to give everything you’ve got to your career and gain material wealth, but sacrifice your health or the love and respect of your family along the way. No one sets goals to be wealthy and unhealthy, or successful and alone. We all strive for balance, but sometimes we fail to take that step back and figure out what a good definition of balance is for ourselves.

That’s why I stress the importance of investing time each month to review your goals and be disciplined with your time. And it’s wise annually to invest at the very least a solid hour asking yourself qualifying questions about your life so you can make adjustments in your goals.

  • How are you investing your time now?
  • What do you enjoy most about how you invest your time?
  • What would you choose to alter or change about your life?
  • Is there someone else you feel you should consult before committing to changes?
  • What solutions make the most sense if you do commit to changes?

A well-lived life is a balancing act. If you’re out of balance, it will show in your demeanor. You’ll not handle personal or business situations as best you can, and that will have a negative effect on your bottom line as well as your enjoyment of life. Don’t risk it! Step back now, or at least within the next few days, to consider where your life may be out of balance. Then, set a goal to even things out — starting immediately! You will never regret the investment of time you make to improve yourself, your health, or your relationships!

Balance Your Life



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