Uncover Other Options Early

When you’re with a potential new client, it’s wise to know where they’re coming from. Do your best to uncover any other companies or products they’ve investigated before talking with you.

Hopefully, you’re on top of your game and know the features and benefits of your top competitor’s products and how they compare to your own. It’s wonderful when you can compare and contrast your product to that of another company, in effect, allowing your client to ‘shop around’ right there with you rather than going off to talk with a salesperson at another business.

True professionals are not afraid of other companies in the industry. They’re prepared to deal with them. Potential clients will find this approach novel and refreshing as long as you come across truly interested in their best interests…never slamming the competition.

If you’re the expert on the competitor’s products you save the client the mental energy of trying to compare products in their minds while you rattle off the features and options of yours. This tack puts you strongly in the position of being a consultant or expert advisor…someone they can talk openly with about their thoughts on the competition.

Once you know what other product or service they’re considering, you can customize your presentation, highlighting the key elements they’re interested in. When a salesperson responds properly and non-defensively about a competitor’s product, the client will be impressed with both your professionalism and confidence in your own product. This goes a long way toward building your sales volume and referral business.

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