Using Phone and Email for Sales Conversions

phone email iconsAccording to Leads360’s latest report, The Ultimate Contact Strategy – How to Best Use Phone and Email for Contact and Conversion Success, “Lead response persistence is critical to maximize conversion. Making more than one call and sending even just one email can have a positive impact on lead conversion, yet 50% of leads are never called a second time and 59% of leads never receive an email.”

When leaving a voice message for a new lead keep it simple. Leave your name and number twice – once at the beginning of the message. Again at the end. Refer to the fact that you’re calling about the information they requested. Then, state a benefit of your offering to pique their curiosity to learn more (thus increasing the chances they’ll either return your call or accept your next follow up call.)


  • I’m calling with the information you requested regarding improving both the appearance and health of your facility/home. (Maintenance services, carpet or A/C duct cleaning)
  • You requested information about how to enhance your retirement portfolio so you can enjoy greater peace of mind about your future. (financial services, specific investment opportunities)

Be certain to let them know when you are able to be reached and how.

  • I can be reached this evening until 7:00 PM at 800-555-1111, extension 222.

Assure them of your desire to serve and tell them that you will call again and when.

  • We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Please know that we do not believe in high-pressure selling of any kind. Providing you with the information you requested is our only desire on this call. If we do not hear back from you, we will reach out to you again to ensure your needs are met.

By using non-threatening language, expressing a desire to serve, and hitting their hot buttons for the benefits they wish to gain from your offering, you will greatly increase the possibility that your leads will call you back.

Immediately follow up the phone call with an email expressing similar information:

  • Good evening, Ms. Johnson. Per your request, I am reaching out to you to provide information regarding both the appearance and the health of your facility. At ABC Company, we pride ourselves on helping our clients fulfill their needs as effectively and economically as possible. I would be happy to share additional information and answer any questions you have. I can be reached via return email or by phone at 800-555-1111, extension 222. If there is a best time of day to reach you, please let me know. I will follow up with you by phone tomorrow. Thank you for your interest in what ABC Company can do for you.

The follow up phone call should begin with a question about whether or not they received your email. If they did not, you may need to update their email contact information.

The real key to the success of any follow up system is in scheduling the additional follow ups and then following through. Average salespeople have a tendency to talk themselves out of making follow up calls if an initial call does not result in something positive. When working leads is viewed as a game, the fear of rejection or failure is lessened and results improve. Set a limit to the minimum number of calls to be made in a day. When you leave a message, be happy that you reached the right person and move onto the next one rather than getting down over not making a sale.



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  1. Nancy Munro says:

    Follow up seems to be the key to success. I attended an inside sales conference and one of the sessions stated that it will take on average 7 times of dialing and email contacts to get a live contact. Persistence pays off.

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