Objections as Hurdles

Objections are not meant to stop you in your tracks. While you may envision them as brick walls, learn to see yourself hurdling over them. When you really want what’s on the other side (like a closed transaction), you’ll do everything in your power to jump over, tunnel under or take down any walls brick by brick to get there.

Objections are nothing more than your potential client asking you to slow down, clarify a point or educate them better before asking them to make a decision. In many cases a brief summary recap of what you have covered thus far is enough.

In other cases the client will raise a new question or provide you with new information that requires more time and attention. Either way, the sale is still moving forward. It hasn’t been completely blocked. People just won’t waste their time objecting to something they aren’t feeling motivated to own.

Your job is to keep them emotionally involved in the benefits they’ll receive from your product or service. Once they own it emotionally, they (and you) will find plenty of reasons to rationalize the final ownership decision.


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