Choosing What to Sell

mallOne of the questions I’m asked most often by people who are new to the selling profession is about choosing what to sell. My answer isn’t what they expect. They want me to tell them to work in a specific industry or to sell the latest “hot” product. But that’s not how it works.

In order to do the job of selling well, you must believe in your product and the benefits it provides to your clients. So, my answer is this, “The best product for you to sell is one that you truly believe in and can speak about with great enthusiasm and, if at all possible, from personal experience.”

  • When you believe in your product and its benefits, you’ll do the work necessary to become an expert on it.
  • You’ll be excited to talk about it.
  • You’ll gain a clear understanding of what type of person or company makes an ideal client for you.
  • And your selling job will be fun.

More often than not, people buy from you because of your conviction and enthusiasm for your product rather than because of your knowledge of the product.

As an example, say you apply for several sales jobs listed online without really knowing much about the products. You get hired and start the training process to gain product knowledge. Maybe you think the product is pretty neat. Maybe you’re not sure about it, but have heard others in the company talking about Joe Champion and how he made $400,000 last year and won the all-expenses-paid trip to Fiji. And now, you want to be Joe so you get excited. But you’re not excited about the product. You’re excited about what selling the product can do for you.

What happened?

You just put dollar signs in your eyes. You’ve just made selling this product all about you. And your motivation will show in some way when you’re with potential clients. Maybe you’ll push a little hard to get them to buy. Maybe you’ll avoid answering some of their questions that you think might keep them from owning it.

When you love your product, it’s a totally different story. Think about how you speak with friends when you’ve found a new restaurant you enjoyed. You can’t wait to tell them about it, describe it in great detail, and get them to want to go there, too. That’s the level of enthusiasm you must have about your product. So, rather than seeking a product that can earn you a lot of money, seek out a product you believe in and the money will come.

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  1. Morgan R says:

    Exactly! Your relationship with the product you sell is just as important as the product itself.

  2. Absolutely true Tom…The first step to getting anyone to believe in you is believing in yourself.

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