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How do negative thought patterns affect your life? They give you the emotional droops. Your drooping emotions bring on a mental sag. Then your sagging mental powers cause a downturn in your job performance. That downturn leads directly to a sharp decline in your income. The decline in your income gives you more negative thought patterns, and they add more spin to your downward spiral.

We all go into declines. We all slide downhill now and then. Here are a few things you should be continuously doing to keep from getting exposed to depression:

Always be on the lookout for positive people. Actively seek them out. Encourage their friendship. Positive people are gems. Treasure every one you meet. Find ways to spend more time with them.

Talk to negative people less. You can’t do this passively. You can’t just stand there and let anyone who comes along monopolize your ears with a flood of negativity.

At times, this means that you’ll be talking to nobody but yourself around the office. If that’s the only way you can talk to someone who’s up, so be it!

Keep pumping. Pessimism is bilge water, and your life is like a ship. All ships leak a little, but that’s no problem as long as the crew keeps pumping the bilge water out. Your pumps are your self-instructions or affirmations—your list of goals.

Think about what you’re pumping into and out of your life with your constant thoughts that are negative or positive self-instructions according to your choice. If changes are called for, make them now. There’ll never be a better time. Make those changes and start cruising happily toward the rising sun of success.

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