Changing Jobs

changing jobsIf you find yourself in a position of seeking new employment, don’t send out 100 resumes and wait for the phone to ring. You wouldn’t approach getting new business that way. You have to have a plan.

Start by investing a bit of time researching where you would like to work. Find a product or service you can believe in. Then check out the company’s reputation before sending your resume.

Once you have submitted a resume, send a thank you note to the recipient thanking them in advance for their consideration. Two days later try to reach them to see if there are any questions about your skills and experience. it may not be easy to make contact with the person doing the hiring but you’re a professional salesperson. If you can’t get through to them, how will you prove you can get through to a tough client?

Go to interviews prepared just as if you were meeting a potential new client. Have your questions ready as well as a “presentation” on your product — YOU.

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