Negotiation as Part of Selling

Some salespeople believe that selling is pretty much a black and white proposition. They qualify and present their solutions. If the buyers don't say "yes," they assume there's no sale. They don't even consider or prepare for negotiation as part of … [Continue reading]

Closing Deals

Closing sales

If you're a long time student of my training, that title is a "gotcha." You're probably reading this because of one of the words I used. If it caught your attention, read the rest of this post as a "back to basics review." If you're new to my … [Continue reading]

Anonymity Dilutes Accountability by Dave Horsager

Dave Horsager

Every now and then, we like to provide you with information from other trusted sources through guest blog posts. Enjoy this one from Dave Horsager, author of The Trust Edge. A major way to increase accountability is to reduce anonymity. There is a … [Continue reading]

The Dead Sale Autopsy

Dead Sale Autopsy

Top sales champions, when ending a meeting with no sale, aren't in a big hurry to forget it and move on. They have learned the value of conducting the dead sale autopsy. It's a time to examine what went wrong and develop solutions to prevent it from … [Continue reading]

After buyers say no

When Buyers Say No

There can be an awkward moment when buyers say no after you've asked your closing question. The sales process has been sailing along smoothly with you asking good questions and the buyers giving good answers. Based on their answers, you've guided … [Continue reading]

Assumptive Selling

If you aren't already familiar with the term "assumptive selling," make a quick study of it. It will change how you think about every sales call. With assumptive selling, you assume that every qualified buyer will own the benefits of your product. … [Continue reading]

Listen Up! Nancy Friedman, Guest Post

Nancy Friedman

Do you know what the number one skill in sales and service is? I gave you a hint in the title. Right - listening skills. Do we really LISTEN? Most of us 'hear,' but do we really listen to what people are saying? Are there any methods, tricks, … [Continue reading]

The Money or Nothing Sales Close

Credit Card

Of all the sales closing questions I teach, the "Money or Nothing" sales close works well with long term purchases. By that I mean, that they will enjoy the benefits of the purchase for a long time. These would be for things such as homes, furniture, … [Continue reading]

Overcome Buyers’ Remorse

If you plan on making a career out of selling, you will need to understand and learn how to overcome buyers' remorse. It's as natural a part of selling as nearly any other objection or concern. In some cases, it's helpful to bring up the potential … [Continue reading]

Ways to Get Testimonials – Financial Services

One of the best ways to grow your business is referrals. In this post, we'll cover some ways to get testimonials that work almost as well as referrals themselves. Top professionals in nearly every field of selling understand the value of a … [Continue reading]