Balance is Critical

Balance is critical to success in business and in life. Being off-balance for just a few moments can be exhilarating. Some instances that come to mind are when we first realize we’re falling in love; when we receive great praise from someone we … [Continue reading]

Four Social Media Tips

I don't profess to  be an expert in social media. I do profess to be an expert on the subject of selling. That being said, let me give you four social media tips for sales pros. Tip #1 - Complete Your Profile Complete your profile before trying … [Continue reading]

When an Objection isn’t an Objection – Guest Post

When an Objection isn't an Objection - Guest Post by Mike Brooks, aka Mr. Inside Sales When is an objection NOT an objection? When it comes at the beginning of your presentation. The blow offs you get at this stage are merely initial … [Continue reading]

Getting People to Buy

What do people really want when they first meet you or reach out to you? What makes them choose your product over someone else’s? How do you prepare for getting people to buy? (Or, in the language I "own" the benefits of your … [Continue reading]

What to Send During the Holidays

One of the biggest challenges faced at this time of year is what to send during the holidays. This is an area of business that can be quite touchy if mishandled. If you know for a  fact which of the seasonal holidays each of your clients … [Continue reading]

Handling Failure

I recently sent this article about handling failure out to students for whom I have email addresses. It's something I teach at nearly every seminar. I feel it's a good one to revisit regularly. A strong positive attitude is one of the most … [Continue reading]

Decision-Making in Sales

Decision-making in sales situations is not drastically unlike making decisions in life in general. Before you can help a potential client make a decision about owning your product or service, you must have certain knowledge. That knowledge will give … [Continue reading]

Wiping the Slate Clean in Sales

As part of the sales process, you might need to resort to a strategy of wiping the slate clean with your potential clients. Much of the decision process is based on past buying experiences. If your buyer made a purchase of a product similar to yours … [Continue reading]

Auto Sales – It’s not what you say

It’s not what you say in auto sales, but how you say it that counts, right? I’m certain you’ve heard that cliché hundreds of times. In business, what you say is just as important as how you say it. In selling vehicles, you must learn to paint … [Continue reading]

Low Profile Selling

What do salespeople really do when they close sales? When I wrote the book Low Profile Selling, I wanted to get away from the term "closing" because it's considered by some as too hard-sell. So, I decided to use the word "consummate" instead. In … [Continue reading]