Open House Opportunities

Open House ideas

Some of my best clients came from open house opportunities. Many new or unsuccessful people in real estate don't understand that open houses often are better for listing than for selling.  When done well, holding houses open is a marvelously … [Continue reading]

Motivating a Sales Team

Motivating A Sales Team With Self Expression by Guest Blogger, Julie Bryce Every sales team goes through periods when they seem to be less motivated. This is sometimes down to market conditions, sometimes because of the competition and sometimes … [Continue reading]

Get Your Foot in the Door with FSBOs

There are many strategies to be applied if you want to win with FSBOs. Start by calling them as soon as you see their ad or online listing. What follows are the exact words I'd say when making my calls to For Sale By Owners. I opened the … [Continue reading]

Closing Tough Sales – Put the Shoe on the Buyer’s Foot

When it comes to closing tough sales, it's wise to mentally walk the proverbial 'mile in the other person's shoes' so you can gain a clear understanding of their feelings about your company, your brand, or the specific product you market. In order to … [Continue reading]

Handling Sales Challenges

We all invest time handling sales challenges. A career in selling wouldn't be any fun if we didn't. You see, the real pros in selling, like you and me, love solving challenges. That's part of the reason we get out of bed every morning. In a way, … [Continue reading]

Listening Skills Assessment

There are three types of listeners in the business world. Which type are you?  Take this listening skills assessment to determine how much you need to work on developing this half of your communication skills. Think about your most recent … [Continue reading]

The 30-second Elevator Presentation

Prepare an Elevator Presentation, Not an Elevator Pitch A short while ago, I ran a contest on Facebook for the best Elevator Presentation. In more common terms, it's often call "the elevator pitch," but those of you who are already familiar with … [Continue reading]

Close Sales with Leading Questions

What are Leading Questions Leading questions are questions that help you steer the conversation to the information that helps you determine if your product is right for your client -- these questions guide and convince. Most sales people are … [Continue reading]

Closing the Sale Doesn’t Have to Create Conflict by Weldon Long

Zig Ziglar once wrote that if you can’t close, you are just a brilliant conversationalist. I would add to that if you can’t close, you are just an unpaid consultant. Closing does not have to include conflict, stress or beating your prospect into … [Continue reading]

The Art of Building Client Relationships

customer relationships

When it comes to building long-term relationships with clients, it’s very similar to building long-term friendships. In kindergarten, children are encouraged to make new friends by talking with others, inviting them to play, and being “nice” to them. … [Continue reading]