How Social Media is Impacting the Sales Process [VIDEO]

social media for selling

Today’s sales environment has definitely changed and professional salespeople are learning to adapt by embracing social media as an effective way to connect with prospects and customers. From sparking a conversation on Twitter, to connecting and … [Continue reading]

Selling is Serving

As a true sales professional, what you do provides genuine, specific, and highly personalized service to people who have the need and ability to own your product or service. Selling is service. As an individual or as an organization, you may face … [Continue reading]

Planned Pauses

Planned pauses make excellent additions to your presentation tool kit. They will help you control the sales process and control your own enthusiasm at the same time. Using planned pauses is nothing more than a matter of pausing at appropriate times … [Continue reading]

The Seven Selling Basics That’ll Make You as Great as You Want to Be

selling basics

What so few of us are willing to accept is this fundamental truth: Great salespeople, like great athletes, simply do the basics very well. Some of us would like to believe that there’s a shortcut around the basics; that, if we could only find it, … [Continue reading]

The Uh-Price Nontechnique

Some of us go shuffling into a meeting dreading the moment when we have to get down to the hard facts of money. So we uh-price them. "What's the cost?" the customer asks. "Well, that one is-uh-it's about-let's see, with tax and freight and the … [Continue reading]

Selling Skills Assessment

Diagnose Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Salesperson As a corporate sales trainer, I am often asked about the traits and characteristics salespeople should develop in order to increase sales.  Here's a personal inventory test for you to … [Continue reading]

Sales Motivation – Creating Your Ideal Life

Stop Thinking "If Only" What’s holding you back from the success of your dreams? Do you ever catch yourself thinking or saying the following? "If only I could get a better break." "If only I had more money." "If only I would've married … [Continue reading]

Closing Strategies, “Not in budget”

When you are working with purchasing agents or heads of households, they will often try to stall you or dismiss you by saying the purchase of your product just isn't in their budget. For some, it can become reflexive to say that. Rather than let the … [Continue reading]

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales

The phrase “buyer interview” may not be one you’ve heard, but it’s one I strongly recommend you understand. Conducting an effective buyer interview is similar to what a good journalist does when interviewing someone for an article. You ask questions … [Continue reading]

Be Proud to Be a Salesperson by Robert Terson

A few months ago Nicki and I went looking at exercise equipment. I was experiencing sciatica in my left leg (I didn’t know it at the time, but it was caused by a synovial cyst pressing on the nerve between L4 and L5; after an MRI revealed the … [Continue reading]