Increase Your Sales Competence

As you increase your level of knowledge, you automatically increase your sales competence. As knowledge helps you lower your own fears, that vacuum is replaced by a positive force known as competence. There are four basic levels of competence. … [Continue reading]

One Email Guaranteed to Get a Response

Nothing is more frustrating than not hearing back from a prospect or client.  You’ve sent your information, delivered your presentation, been given a day/time to call back and, and…nothing.  And despite all your phone calls, emails, etc., your … [Continue reading]

6 Reasons People Don’t Buy from You

Seasoned sales pros will have a longer list of reasons people don't buy, but here are the six most common reasons I know. Insecurity. The positive feeling your presentation creates must outweigh the negative feeling they have about giving you … [Continue reading]

Sales Job Frustration

When was the last time you experienced sales frustration? Was it last week? Yesterday? Five minutes ago...and that's why you're reading this now? Most of us, when we experience frustration, start asking questions with great anguish in our voices … [Continue reading]

Tom Hopkins Retired? Not!

When you've been training as long as I have, it's interesting to hear the buzz that people share about you. During the last few months, my staff has received calls such as these:  "I heard Tom Hopkins retired."  "Tom only trains real estate … [Continue reading]

9 Results You Can Expect From Sales Onboarding

There’s a lot of buzz today around sales onboarding and sales enablement. You may be wondering if sales onboarding should be on your executive team’s priority list of corporate initiatives. Here are nine reasons why it belongs high on your … [Continue reading]

Enhance Your Skills

As a sales trainer, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance your skills. That's why my training is provided is so many formats - live events, audio, video, and print. You see, selling is my hobby. Every encounter I have with another human … [Continue reading]

How do you know when it’s time to start your presentation?

How do you know when it's time to start your actual sales presentation? Wouldn't it be nice if there was specific time such as 12 minutes into the conversation? You could set a timer on your phone to vibrate in your pocket when it's time to move into … [Continue reading]

5 Strategies for Building Your Enthusiasm

If you want to succeed in sales, you must have a lot of enthusiasm. That's because it can easily be drained from you every day. In this post, I'll cover 5 strategies for building your enthusiasm. I understand, better than many trainers, how tough … [Continue reading]

What Free Throws and Sales Have in Common

Wally Long

You might wonder what free throws and sales have in common. According to basketball expert, Brian McCormick, Tim Duncan has a problem - a consistency problem. While you don’t hear much about it, Duncan only shoots 60 to 70% from the free throw line, … [Continue reading]