Creating a Consultative Environment in Selling

Once all of the rapport-building is done and you’re ready to get down to business, it’s important to set the tone for your time with these clients. I suggest creating a consultative feeling by using a legal pad to make notes. In some types of selling, this doesn’t make sense, but it is helpful if you can do it. When you make notes of their concerns or other details they are sharing, the potential buyers feel that you’re truly interested in them. They feel you care enough to pay attention to their pain points.

On your side of the sales situation, having key notes will be helpful when it’s time to present and close the sale. It will also get the buyers used to seeing you writing. There’s nothing worse than never taking a note until you start to write up the paperwork. That transition can be tricky and cause fears or defense barriers to be raised. It’s best to get your pen out early.

Here are the words you can use to introduce the reason you want to start writing: “John and Mary, over the years I’ve found it very beneficial to make notes during conversations. It enables me to do a better job of servicing my clients’ needs by not forgetting important details they share with me. So, I hope you won’t be offended if, while we chat, I just make a few notes on my blank note pad.” What are the key points here? You’re getting them to admit they’re ok with you writing. You’re demonstrating attention to detail (a trait that inspires trust). And, your pad is blank. It’s not an order form or any other kind of form. The notes you take are just about this client and this conversation.

If your conversations or presentations are primarily handled by telephone, and you take notes on a computer, let the buyers know that. Still ask for their permission. You see, if they hear the sound of keys clicking in the background of your call with them, it can be distracting or raise those defenses again because they can’t see what you’re doing.

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  1. I’ve found just as Tom writes that getting the notepad out early prepares the client for the more important agreement paperwork later. I’m a Realtor and sell houses in the Troy & Dayton Ohio market and was just on an appointment a couple nights ago, by taking notes (after saying word for what what Tom teaches in this article) throughout the property they were very comfortable when it was time to move into the listing agreement and putting their house on the market. This is a wonderful skill to have.

  2. Sales Business Melbourne says:

    It is necessary to create a consultative environment for selling. This environment can add value to your sales process. A big thanks for the efforts you have put into writing this article.

  3. Taking notes when dealing with clients is a great way to ensure that you cover all of their concerns. Often times there is a lot of discussion and a lot of back and forth going on, so things may get overlooked if your not careful.

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