Less is More

Most people think that in order to persuade others, you have to be a real good talker. You have to have “the gift of gab,” “a silver tongue,” or be a “natural born salesperson.” The truth is just the opposite.

The true professionals—the successful people in sales are great listeners. What are they listening to? Their potential clients telling them their wants, wishes, needs and fears…and what they want to own. Yes, people will pretty much tell you what they want to own, if you’ll only give them the chance to speak. All you need to do is get them started. Then you simply guide the conversation along the lines you know it needs to take in order for you to determine needs, qualify and close the sale.

When it comes to great salespeople, I will take an interested introvert over an interesting extrovert every time. While it may be true that interesting extroverts are the life of the party, drawing others around them, it’s the interested introverts who make others feel important…who gain their trust. And trust creates the environment for sales.

In most cases, you will find that people who want to talk too much want to control the conversation and are more likely to be aggressive and pushy. That’s the stereotypical salesperson, not the professional.

Extroverts may entertain others. But it’s the introverts who serve the true needs of others. And, believe me, clients love to be served. When in the presence of a true professional salesperson they feel they’re being treated like royalty…that they’re the most important people on the planet…that their needs are being attended to…that their thoughts, feelings, emotions and concerns about the product or service at hand is of utmost importance.

The salesperson’s opinion of the product or service means nothing. You’re not sitting in their shoes. Don’t waste their time telling. Invest it in effective selling strategies that will allow the client to express their needs, ask plenty of questions and convince themselves to make the buying decision.

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  1. Jimmy Crimmins says:

    Life is really all about selling yourself…

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