Understanding Proportion with Communication Skills

communication skillsMost of us were born with two ears and one mouth. What we’re not born with is an innate understanding that God provided us those tools in the proportion they were meant to be used if we are to become effective communicators and survive well in our world.

If we learn to listen twice as much as we talk, we will pick up on valuable bits and pieces of information that will be to our benefit in the selling arena.

Unfortunately, most salespeople operate under the misconception that the reverse is true — that they must talk twice as much as the average person in order to move products and services.

By listening, you will learn exactly what it is your potential future client wishes to own with regard to benefits. You can then turn that information into a sale by demonstrating the features of your product or service that fulfill those needs.

The best single bit of advice for anyone in sales is this: Listen twice as much as you talk!


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