Using Keywords When Prospecting

Products Services keyboardWe use keywords when prospecting on social media sites and when searching for information on potential clients. When we go online to search for anything, we ask questions of our favorite search engines. The search engine uses the words in our requests to search out those same words on websites so we can be properly directed.

A keyword is defined as: an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document.

I think it’s time we adopt a keyword approach to prospecting…only with the words we hear people speak. We use them effectively when searching for leads online. Why not use the same strategy during conversations?

Think about your product or service. What one or two bits of information quickly tell you whether or not someone might be a good candidate for your product?

  • Is he employed full time?
  • Does she drive a high-end vehicle?
  • Do they travel frequently?

Pick something. Then, make a list of key words (just like websites use) that could demonstrate that these people have an interest in or need for your product.

In order to keep your income growing, adopt the attitude that everyone is a potential client–or at least knows someone who is. Just like you’re always closing something when contacting clients (a meeting, a phone call, a demo, or the sale), you should always be prospecting.

I would bet that, like me, you’ve walked past hundreds if not thousands of highly qualified potential clients simply because your mind was on something else. You may have even met these potential clients. You may have shaken their hands and made eye contact, but you walked away without their contact information and some valuable of knowledge about them.

Too many sales people think of prospecting as being an activity that is;

1) Unenjoyable, and

2) Something that needs to be scheduled

Because of that, it gets relegated to the end of day or end of the week when you’re not fresh. How do you think those potential clients would feel about the type of service you’ll give if they knew reaching out to them was the last thing on your list?

On the other end of the spectrum, most salespeople who schedule time to seek out new leads are successful at it. The top pros, however, are always prospecting. They are constantly on the lookout for leads and connections. Their antennae are raised. They’re listening for those keywords and phrases that tell them a potential client is within earshot.

Make your list of keywords. Then listen more closely as you meet people throughout your days and weeks. When those keywords pop up, it’s time to get to know those folks better.

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