Prospecting, Being a Valued Resource

Prospecting EverywhereThrough your prospecting efforts, you encounter more people in a single month than the average business owner does in a year. Because of that you can enhance your role as a product or service provider with all of your clients. Make yourself more valuable to your existing clients and they’ll do more business with you. They’ll also provide you with more referrals than you’re getting now. With referral business, they’ll help you cut down the amount of time you need to spend prospecting.

You do this by sharing ideas. Start paying attention to what Company A is doing to survive the current market. Watch what they are doing with their advertising and ask if it’s working well for them. Consider if it’s something Company B might also benefit from as well. Becoming a gatherer and sharer of ideas is just as important in serving the needs of your clients as anything else.

Of course, never share information between competing companies. However, when it’s appropriate, be a walking reference guide for all of your clients. Not only will they thank you verbally for the input, they’ll thank you with their continued business.

If your largest accounts have cut back their ordering, it’s likely have a little time on your hands in the servicing area of your job. Invest more time attending to the needs of your smaller account. They will appreciate the added attention. You might also find new avenues to sales through increased business with them. Even better, they may provide you with referrals to other potential clients that allows you to cut your prospecting time. A warm referral is better than a cold call any day.

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