Motivating a Sales Team

Management TrainingMotivating A Sales Team With Self Expression
by Guest Blogger, Julie Bryce

Every sales team goes through periods when they seem to be less motivated. This is sometimes down to market conditions, sometimes because of the competition and sometimes for team spirit reasons. For the manager, it is how you deal with sales team motivation that will set you apart. One thing to bear in mind at all times is each member of your sales force is an individual. There are plenty of motivational techniques that you can learn, but not all of them garner results in all cases. Be flexible and find the right motivational approach for each team member. For some, selling is a lifestyle choice, who is creating their ideal life. For others, professional sales work is a choice, but they may be equally suited to other sorts of work.

Personality Selling

Smart, fun and even witty people are often hampered in their sales work by sticking too rigidly to the corporate message. If you restrict your team on how they express their own personalities, you can often find they achieve less face time with their customers. By allowing your team members to show something of their personality the selling process becomes natural. Furthermore, by allowing a degree of freedom with self expression, so long as your staff don’t stray from your brand messages, your sales team will often feel more trusted. Customers will notice the difference, too, and it can give you an edge over a competitor who only employs ‘robots.’

Promotion Works

Every regular business needs to do promotional work to attract attention to itself. One idea is to pair up a successful member of the team with one who is not performing so well. This not only so that they can compare notes, but so that you can assess how their different personalities interact with different sorts of potential clients. Perhaps you will be able to target your team members with different types of customers. At such expos you will often have some promotional items to give away. Allow staff to choose items that suit their personality so that the concept of self expression is taken on board by clients. This approach may seem counter intuitive to many sales managers who want to equip the stars of the team with the best promotional items, however, the middle performing sellers need as much attention as those at the top, achieving the accolades.

Work Smarter

By individualizing your approach to the sales team’s management, you can find that your customer messages are improved. This is a smarter working practice than the one-size-fits-all approach. If, for instance, you allow staff to tailor make their presentations, so their personality comes across as well as the sales message, customers are more likely to buy. This can make all the difference to supporting less personal marketing material. After all, customers rarely like being treated as a group, particularly if your sales work is business to business where your customers are likely to know each other. Remember that smart working, allows your staff to collect intelligence on their customers as well as sell to them. Self expressive sales workers develop personalized relationships with their clients who are then much more inclined to speak freely about their business. Intelligence, collected like this, allows the smart business to plan in new and strategic ways which, in turn, leads to more success.



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