2 Key Skills for Selling Financial Services

Many key skills are necessary to be successful in selling financial services. Let’s go over just two that can make or break your career.


Handshake w Coat SleevesHandshake w Coat Sleeves35149Names, places, dates, facts and figures are important. So are the attitudes and beliefs of our prospects, their interests, likes and dislikes, wants, needs, goals, hobbies, the names of their kids and grandkids and so on. The better your “memory bank,” the better your own bank account will be.

Of course, no one can remember everything, but everyone can improve his or her memory. Read books on the subject. Buy or rent audios and DVDs. Train yourself daily by making a game of memorization. Make an effort to remember as much as you can about the events that occur in your everyday life. The payoff will astound you.

Two ways to help remember someone’s name are

(1) repeat the name at least four times during your first encounter and

(2) associate that name with something so that you can “jumpstart” your memory quickly the next time you meet.

“Glad to meet you, Miss Salesperson. My name is Victoria Bell.”

“I’m glad to meet you, too, Miss Bell. (Thinking Liberty Bell…Liberty Bell…Liberty Bell).

There’s no need to go into the “why” of this technique. Just know that it works, so use it and you’ll never lose a name again.


We in the United States are a nation of immigrants and sons and daughters of immigrants. You’ll find pockets of different people in different neighborhoods throughout the country. Diversity is one of the factors that makes our culture so rich. This great diversity is evident in other countries as well.

Understanding the second or third language predominant in your market will help you understand and better serve the financial needs of those potential clients. And when word gets out among their language peers that you are fluent and understand their culture, your referral base will grow exponentially.

Remember: How you say something can be as important as what you say. The manner in which you use the gift of your voice will often determine the success or failure of your efforts to serve your clients. It’s something people notice on their initial contact with you. This can be especially critical in a culturally diverse community. Some people speak informally while others will be so formal as to be stiff. Some speak quickly and in short bursts while others may actually drone on using long sentences and exaggerated mannerism. You must learn to match your vocal inflection to theirs. It is imperative that you do this immediately so they will feel at ease with you and come to like you and trust you quickly.

After all, building trust is essential to selling.

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