Achieving Pro Status in Your Selling Career

achieving pro statusYou may do everything else masterfully but if you can’t close the sale, you might as well be a professional product demonstrator instead of a salesperson. The real pros in selling have certain skills and habits that make them stand out above average.

Here’s a Personal Inventory Evaluation from my book, “Sales Closing for Dummies™.” Read these 16 statements and see how close you are to achieving “pro” status.

  1. I have an ongoing personal plan for self-improvement. As the late great Earl Nightingale said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
  2. I have achieved mastery over questioning strategies to the point where I can keep the communication moving toward a closed sale.
  3. I listen more than I talk. We all have two ears and one mouth. They should be used proportionately.
  4. I understand and read body language fluently.
  5. I build time for planning into my daily schedule. Fifteen minutes invested in planning at the end of today will save me an hour of time tomorrow.
  6. I know at least four test closes for each of my products (or product lines).
  7. I have read everything to date that my company has published about my product…twice!
  8. I speak with satisfied clients regularly to gain feedback on my product. I speak with less than satisfied clients to learn how I can serve them better.
  9. I am fully present to those who require my attention.
  10. I subscribe to industry news and read it!
  11. I am diligently watchful for ideas I can implement in my selling career. Everyone is selling something all around me. I am coachable.
  12. I know how to diffuse an angry client.
  13. I am a product of the product. I am now using or have used what I sell so I can speak to my clients from personal experience.
  14. I put myself in the clients’ shoes in every selling situation.
  15. I demonstrate an attitude of servitude with each and every client. The more people I serve, the more income I earn.
  16. I am religious about sending thank you notes, emails and other demonstrations of gratitude to my clients, those who serve my needs and my loved ones.

Hopefully, you have more than half of these points in your favor. Choose one area in which you are not as strong or as diligent and take action on it right now. Once you get comfortable with doing it, add another and another in the same manner. You’ll see results so quickly that you’ll easily find the motivation to master the rest.

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