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As a sales trainer, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance your skills. That’s why my training is provided is so many formats – live events, audio, video, and print. You see, selling is my hobby. Every encounter I have with another human being is analyzed as to whether or not they “sold” me on whatever the topic of our discussion was. Or, whether or not I persuaded them.

In the instances where there is “no sale,” I analyze what could have been done or said differently that may have changed the outcome. In situations where there was a close to the persuasive effort, I analyze that, too, for what worked. Whatever it was that turned the opportunity my way is filed away for future use.

I apply the same strategy to training. When I hear another trainer make their point in an unusual way, I admire their creativity. And, I file away that tidbit about their creativity, hoping it will inspire me to make more effective points in my training as well.

I’m a firm believer that there can never be enough valuable information out there — in a variety of formats — to help those who have chosen selling as a career to excel at what they do. Whether it’s specific strategies or methods of helping the salespeople implement training, I’m always on the lookout.

That’s why I was so excited when Ben Katt approached me. Ben is a sales trainer, consultant and entrepreneur with a passion similar to my own. He is one of those trainers who also works to develop memorable ways of teaching. When he showed me his Circle of Persuasion, I knew we had to work together. And we did.

The initial result of our collaboration is a book titled, “When Buyers Say No.” Listen in as Ben and I discuss how it came about and what the training developed around the illustration below will do for you.

Circle of Persuasion Final No Grey

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When Buyers Say No



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