Listening Skills Assessment

Listening SkillsThere are three types of listeners in the business world. Which type are you?  Take this listening skills assessment to determine how much you need to work on developing this half of your communication skills.

Think about your most recent conversation. It doesn’t have to have been with a client, but that is the best kind to evaluate. Answer the following questions:

  1. Did you listen intently to what they were saying?
  2. Were you an active listener — nodding, prodding them to go on?
  3. Did you repeat important information back to the other party to ensure you understood them correctly?
  4. Could you now accurately repeat the details of the conversation to another person?
  5. Do you recall the body language of the other party? Did they lean forward or back? Were their arms crossed or open? What was their level of eye contact with you?
  6. Did they repeat any particular point more than once for emphasis?

If you’re stumped by any of these questions, you have room for improvement in your listening skills. Make note of these six questions and review them as you enter into other conversations. The fun thing is that you can practice your listening skills without anyone being the wiser. However, the people on the receiving end of your improved attention, might give you more business!

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