Activity Breeds Productivity in Network Marketing

What are you going to do today to build your network marketing business? If you have a list of activities to complete that work for the good of your business, wonderful! If you do not, it may time to take a look at your goals for your business and your motivation to succeed in it.

If you were truly inspired enough about your product and the opportunity to build your own business when you joined your company, you should be excited to get up every morning and talk with everyone you meet about it. The time you spend actually presenting either your products or the opportunity to others is what your day should be based on. However, there will be days when you do not have anyone new to talk with. When that happens, you still need to be productive.

Early in my sales career, I identified a dozen or so activities I could do that would eventually lead to productivity. I would try to get as many of those activities worked into each day as possible. So, even when business was slow and I didn’t have anyone to talk with that day, I had other things to do that would bring me people to talk with. Eventually, I put these activities on a chart so I could track my efforts and be able to predict my future success.

I would give each of these activities a point value and set a goal to achieve a certain number of points per day. I quickly saw the difference in my success levels when I achieved 50 points in a day versus when I achieved 100.

Here is a list of activities you could and should be doing to build your business to the success level of your dreams:

  1. Identify new potential clients (users of your product)
    Think of the various groups of people you know. In each group, there is likely to be at least one or two people who would have an interest in your product. After all, we all tend to become friends and associate with others who are like us.
  2. Make calls to potential clients
    Prepare a short message about the benefits of your products that would entice someone to want to experience them or to learn more. If you reach them in person, be prepared to ask them when they would like to get together so they can enjoy the benefits (or try the products) for themselves. If you reach a voice messaging system, leave the same message, but end with when and how they can best reach you. If you do not hear back from them within 48 hours, try again at a different time of the day.
  3. Contact existing clients for follow up
    Commit to a regularly-scheduled follow up call, email or in person visit with each client. Your goals are to be certain they are still satisfied with the product; to determine if they need to place another order or if they’d be interested in trying additional products; and to ask who they’ve told about their experience with the product. If they’re telling others about their positive experiences, these clients should be asked either to join the business or to provide you with referrals. Either way, you are increasing your business.
  4. Schedule presentations or meetings
    Getting a commitment for a presentation or meeting is an extremely valuable activity. Be certain to send out a confirmation of the details immediately and to reconfirm everything the day of the meeting.
  5. Distribute product information
    Carry your product information with you everywhere. You never know when you’ll encounter someone and strike up a conversation. Of course, you want to lead the conversation to the value of your products and the business opportunity. Always be ready to leave something in the hands of someone new. Always ask for their business card or contact information and follow up immediately with a note of appreciation for their time.
  6. Prepare for your next presentation
    In very few instances can you be over-prepared to give a presentation on your products or business opportunity. If you must, give yourself a presentation in your mirror. Otherwise, have a friend or family member watch your presentation and offer suggestions for improvement—whether it’s in what you say or in your body movements or in the handling of your products.
  7. Give presentations
    This is the most fun part of most our days. We all love the opportunity to showcase our great products and opportunity to new potential clients and associates. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hold many of these if we haven’t been busy with all the other activities listed above.
  8. Close new clients
    For this activity, you might give yourself a money value as points. As your selling skills improve, so should the amount of money you earn.
  9. Identify and contact new recruits for the business
    At every presentation, there is likely to be someone who has thought of going into business for themselves. It’s up to you to discover who they are and make arrangements to talk with them privately about their needs and reasons for making such a commitment. If their needs are strong enough, they’ll make a good addition to your business.
  10. Referrals received
    Give yourself a point for every referred lead you acquire each and every day. Referrals are like gold—but only when you do something with them.
  11. Thank you notes sent
    Develop a habit of sending thank you notes to everyone you meet and talk with on a daily basis. I used to set a goal for sending 10 each day. That meant I needed to get out in the world physically or on the phone and talk with 10 people each day. I would thank past clients for their patronage. I would thank potential clients for sharing their time with me. I would send thank you notes to my mechanic, my dry cleaner, anyone who provided me service. They appreciated it and would often tell others about me—generating interest and leads.
  12. Attend business function or sales meeting
    If you are with a strong company that is dedicated to growth in your industry and your geographic area, attend every meeting you possibly can. They may all begin to sound the same after awhile but if you listen well and meet with others who are in your business, you will soon find yourself with a network of successful people who will be willing to share new ideas for success with you.

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