Getting Comfortable with Network Marketing

The most powerful desire of human beings is the desire to be comfortable. I’m sure you’ve heard or read about many of our strong desires or needs such as security, achievement, recognition, money, love, etc., but they all boil down to the fact that we all want comfort more than anything.

Now, each of us may have a different definition of comfort. For some, it may involve having a million dollars in the bank, a beautiful home and time to travel. For others, it may be a more modest home, $10,000 in the bank and time to enjoy our families. The point is that it doesn’t matter where that comfort level is, but that we recognize that we each have one and that more than we consciously understand we will do nearly anything to achieve it.

Discomfort is one of the strongest reasons people take a serious look at a business, such as a network marketing business opportunity. They’re uncomfortable with their lifestyle, their income level, the amount of time they work, the people they work with, etc. They are seeking, through network marketing, a way to relieve that discomfort.

You see, when not in their comfort zones, most people either withdraw or get hostile. The withdrawers will not talk about their discomfort and resign themselves to a life that’s less than their dreams. Eventually, they’ll become comfortable with that level of living and forget they ever needed or wanted more. Sad, isn’t it? Those who get hostile may lash out at others, not truly understanding why. If they haven’t realized that discomfort is causing this pent up anger, they won’t understand how they can take the steps necessary to relieve it. You can help both of these types of people.

When discussing your network marketing opportunity with people, your number one objective should be to determine what their comfort level is. Once you know what they really want out of life, you can show them how your business opportunity will help them achieve it.

You may have to ask a lot of questions to get the answers you need, but once you and that other person have determined what makes them uncomfortable, you can use it as a motivator—something to get away from—moving toward their new business as the answer. For example, let’s say you are talking with Caroline who just hates leaving her children in day care and not having the freedom to be with them for field trips or special events.  You would use the ‘be your own boss’ or ‘set your own hours’ aspects of network marketing as motivators. If she falters in her new business, you can gently remind her of why she got involved in the first place and how she said she never wanted to go back to living that way again.

If you find stronger emotions for something a person wants to have, that becomes the motivator you focus on. Maybe Bill wants to buy a new Mercedes instead of always buying used cars. That new car is Bill’s motivator. Every action and transaction of his new business brings him one step closer to owning that brand new Mercedes. You can talk with him often about that new car smell, the pride he’ll have when he drives home in it, the reaction of his friends and relatives, and so on—all to keep him motivated.

Motivators are the gas that will move Caroline and Bill to want to investigate the business, but let’s say they’re not already involved in network marketing, so learning the business may be a bit uncomfortable for them. How do we keep them comfortable until they achieve a new level of understanding about what the business can do for them? The answer is to keep them involved in business activities so they don’t have their desires trampled by negativity, solitude and uncertainty. Activity breeds productivity so the more they do, the more they will benefit.

Once they’ve invested a bit of time and effort in the business and get more comfortable, they’ll be better able to adapt to the more challenging aspects of the it. This may sound like spoon-feeding or hand-holding and, yes, there is a certain amount of that in this business until people get educated. After all, building people is what network marketing opportunities are all about. With mature adults, who have strong desire to achieve new comfort levels, it should be more a matter of steering them, not leading. Their desire is the gas, network marketing is their vehicle. You are simply the tour guide.

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  1. Very insightful post! It is very true that we are not selling a business opportunity as much as we are the lifestyle. This business is not easy but very simple.

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