Work Smarter, Not Harder in Network Marketing

When it comes to getting involved in network marketing, most people experience a certain degree of fear. That’s perfectly normal. While the prospect of having your own business is exciting, if it’s your first time considering such an ‘independent’ venture, many pitfalls also come to mind. Stop right now and turn those negative fears into positive actions. Let’s focus instead on the skills you need to succeed.

The skills you need most are “people” skills. This includes an understanding of some very basic principles involving how and where to meet new people, making good first impressions, getting to know them and building the relationship.

How and Where to Meet New People

We all meet new people all the time through our jobs, while traveling, at social events, and so on. Yet, when we think about ‘having’ to meet new people to build a business, many panic at what to do. That’s because meeting new people has moved from being an unconscious act to a conscious act. When we are consciously aware of situations, we tend to over-analyze and become something other than our pleasant selves. Make meeting new people a natural part of your daily life. Do not stress over whether or not anyone will reject you or your business proposition. Just be yourself. Meet people like you’ve always met them. Just make yourself meet more of them.

Take a normal day’s activities and consciously notice how many people you could meet without moving outside of your usual patterns. You’ll be surprised at how many people whose day would be made better if you simply smiled and treated them with courtesy. They’d take notice of you and many would even give you the opportunity to move into the next area of people skills–making new acquaintances.

Make New Acquaintances with Positive First Impressions

In the business world, it’s natural to get a brief background on people you’re considering doing business with. This same premise applies to meeting new potential business partners when you’re in business for yourself.

It’s time to get to know the people you’re meeting. Begin with a friendly smile. Look them in the eyes. It’s a natural human tendency not to trust anyone who won’t look you in the eye. So build that trust. Next, establish common ground. If you’re at a social gathering, ask how they know the hosts and build your conversation from there. If you’re at an event with your children, ask other parents which children are theirs. Say hello to the shop keeper. Call him by name. Thank them for the job they do for you. Show an interest in them. This makes them feel important. You must suppress any desire you have to expound about who you are and what you do. Instead, draw them out.

Getting to Know Someone New

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the previous skills, it will be time to get focused. This is where you gently and warmly ask questions, the answers to which will tell you whether or not you are likely to do business with this person. In the profession of selling, this is called ‘qualifying.’ Your goal is to come up with three or four strategic questions that you can ask in conversation that will indicate whether or not this person would be a good candidate to use your products or become a distributor.

Let’s say you’re a distributor of a phenomenal vitamin product. In conversation, you might mention that you’re taking these great new vitamins. Mention a specific benefit you get from them–more energy, fewer headaches, improved circulation, whatever. Then, ask the other person if they take vitamins. Ask if they like the ones they’re taking. Get them talking about their likes and dislikes. If they hate taking them at all, this person may not be a candidate. Ask what benefit they would be looking for in a vitamin product. It could be something to do with potency, meeting a specific deficiency, being time-released, small pills to swallow, or the economics of taking them. Once you get to this point, you’ll know if you could or should be recommending your product to them. If the challenge they have with taking the vitamins is the economics of it, you could have a potential new distributor.

To break this down into easy-to-remember steps, there are really three simple questions:

What do they have now?

What do they like/dislike about it?

What would they look for in something new?

The answers to those three questions will tell you whether or not you can do business with this person.

Solidifying the Relationship

Once you know someone is a good candidate for either your product or the business opportunity, build their interest to a level where they’ll want to either try the product or learn more about the business. You might say, “If I could show you a way that you could enjoy more energy with the best vitamins around, you’d be interested in that, wouldn’t you?” Or, “If I could show you a way to earn extra income each month without investing a lot of your valuable personal time, you’d be interested to know more, wouldn’t you?”

When they show interest arrange a time to meet. Don’t ask, “When can we get together?” They’ll most likely hesitate. Offer two dates for them to choose between. “I can visit with you about this tomorrow evening or would Thursday be better?” Whichever answer they choose, you’ve got an opportunity to share with them what you know about your product and the business.

At this point, the relationship becomes a matter of fulfilling promises, sharing fun experiences and growing together. If they get involved with your product, you’ve benefited them personally. If they go ahead with getting into the business with you, you’ve made a powerful impact on them and their loved ones.

People do not decide their futures. They decide on their habits and those habits determine their futures. Do you think you could make it a habit to meet at least two new people every day? Do you think you could make it a habit to ask three simple, non-threatening questions of everyone you meet? Could you do those things to create the lifestyle of your dreams? If so, a home-based business could be just right for you.

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