Closing Strategy, Put the Shoe on Their Foot

This close can be used when you meet someone who either does not like you or does not like salespeople in general.

Phraseology: “First, Mr. Johnson, let me apologize for the poor service you obviously received. Tell me, if you were President of ABC company and a sales representative treated a customer the way you’ve been treated and you found out, what would you do?”

Be patient and let them tell you what they’d do. Then, if appropriate, say:

“That’s just about what happened in this situation. By the way, it’s now my job to show you how professional our company is. And, do you know, when I meet someone like you that’s unhappy with a person in our company, it represents a challenge to me. I’d like to give you such special service. Could I just keep in touch with you over the next 20 years?”

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