Rapport Building – Step 7: Giving Sincere Compliments

Step #7 in the Rapport Setting process is to give a sincere compliment to your potential clients. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Something simple is fine as long as it’s sincere. That means it must be honest. You would never compliment someone on their “lovely home” if it was a disaster. Likewise, you wouldn’t say you like anything that you don’t honestly like.

Rule of thumb: If you don’t like something, say nothing about it. Instead, look for something else that you do like or can honestly compliment them about

  • I spend a lot of time in my clients’ homes and I must tell you that it’s obvious how much you love your home. It clearly shows price of ownership.
  • That’s an especially interesting painting.
  • You have a great view here from your office.
  • I can’t help but admire your watch.
  • Your vehicle is in great condition. It’s obvious you take pride in caring for it.
  • Your company’s impact on the community has been phenomenal.
  • Your receptionist represents the quality of your firm well.
  • Everyone who works here seems so happy. That’s a testament to the management team.

What’s the purpose of the compliment? It’s to warm  them up to you. You’re being friendly and likeable. If they have a certain pride in whatever you’ve commented on, they’ll start to relax in your presence rather than keeping their defense barriers high.

If you say something that’s not sincere, you just pegged yourself as being more interested in making a sale than in serving their needs. You’ve just come across as that stereotypical salesperson for whom their defense barriers are high and solid. You’ll struggle to win them over to considering what you have to offer.

Always be sincere.



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