Get Your Foot in the Door with FSBOs

For Sale By Owner signThere are many strategies to be applied if you want to win with FSBOs.

Start by calling them as soon as you see their ad or online listing. What follows are the exact words I’d say when making my calls to For Sale By Owners.

I opened the conversation like this: “Good morning. My name is Tom Hopkins, representing Champions Unlimited. I noticed your ad in the paper this morning, and was wondering if you’d be offended if I stopped by to see your home.”

Look at the power of that question. You’re being very polite. If your tone matches the words—and you must carefully rehearse to make sure that it does—you’ll sound very cordial and deferential. Not a whiff of pushiness. Yet, in this situation where they want to say no to whatever you ask, you’ve phrased your question so that a “no” answer actually means “yes, come on by.” When you get a “no” here, go into your close for popping by. This question alone won’t get you inside many FSBOs, but it will work with some.

What to Say When They Aren’t Interested

Now let’s work with the other response that a by-owner can make to my opening question. This time a man answers, and he turns out to be tough.

“Good morning, sir. My name is Tom Hopkins, representing Champions Unlimited. I noticed your ad in the paper this morning, and was wondering if you’d be offended if I stopped by to see your home.”

“Yes, I would be.”

“You would? Is the reason that you’re intending to sell the home yourself?”

“That’s right.”

“Is that also because you’d like to avoid paying a brokerage fee?”

“You’ve got it.”

“My reason for calling is that the first three digits of your phone number put you into my service area, and I wanted to ask you, if I’m driving by your home, and my buyer sees your sign, and I can’t satisfy their needs, may I send them directly to you with no fee charged?”

“I don’t have to pay a commission?”

“That’s right, and you’re probably wondering why I would do that, aren’t you?”


“You see, if I sent you some qualified purchasers, you probably wouldn’t mind sending anyone back to me who didn’t purchase your home, would you?”

“And I don’t have to pay a commission?”

“If you sell it yourself, not at all. That makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“You bet it does.”

“To be more intelligent about your property, I would like to see it, and again, let me reiterate, I know you’re selling the home yourself, and because of that, I just want to visit it, see it, so if I’m working with a buyer I can’t find a home for, I can send them to you. Now, I am available this afternoon at around two, or would four be more convenient?”

“I’ll be busy today.”

“I should wait until tomorrow, then?”

“I’ll be busy tomorrow too.”

“Would you prefer the weekend? That’s a better time for you then, isn’t it?”

“Saturdays are okay.”

“Fine. Morning or afternoon?”


“Good. I can pop by at ten, or should I wait until around eleven?”


Now I have the permission to visit that home. It’s important that I confirm it by repeating the time that the by-owner has agreed to meet me. Also, I repeat my name, saying it slowly and distinctly, because he’s probably already forgotten it.

And I’m going to move forward now with getting his name and address. With someone as negative as this gentleman was at first, I would’ve failed to get anything by trying to learn his name and address before getting his attention and confirming a time for a visit.

And, now, he’ll expect the same treatment from any other real estate agent who tries to get a foot in the door. Few will know this strategy and the others I teach about working with For Sale By Owners.

Excerpted from “How to Master the Art of Selling Real Estate” –> Get more info here.



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