Sell Like JFK & MLK

Occasionally, I like to share great ideas from other trainers. Please enjoy this guest blog post by my associate Greg Hague, who trains real estate agents.

Sell Like JFK & MLK With A Position Against Tradition

When Martin Luther King passionately proclaimed, “I have a dream,” and John F. Kennedy declared, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” they were indeed the ultimate salesmen. They knew that next-level selling is about engaging us emotionally. These great salesmen didn’t first explain features and benefits. They inspired us with their dreams of bucking the boundaries of the way it’s always been.

The elite in the world of selling often accelerate their success by persuading us to embrace their vision and mission. Once I learned this lesson, the money flowed fast and my days became more exciting and fun.

In the 1990s, I introduced a controversial concept into the traditional world of real estate. The firm I founded offered sellers a way to team up with my agents, hold their own homes open, and get a break on commission if they found a buyer.

OMG! I had tampered with two sacrosanct traditions, the typical 6% commission and the notion that only Realtors should hold listed homes open.

Traditional agents fired barrages of criticism. I fought back, taking a position against tradition that sellers could be fantastic at showing their own homes, that they could do it more often and more conveniently, and that teaming up with clients to attract more buyers increased the probability that homes would sell faster, and at higher prices, producing a better result for our clients and for us.

The more the traditionalists fired criticism, the faster we grew. Within a few years, we grew to 121 offices and 4000+ agents.

Whatever you sell, consider a position against tradition. Here’s a formula that may help. It’s called RIBS.

     Relevant – Make your position against tradition relevant to something your client wants badly. In real estate, that’s usually the highest possible price.

     Inevitable – Make the case that your position against tradition is so good that it’s destined to become the industry standard.

     Believable – Make sure your position against tradition is transparently and logically superior to the normal routine. This is the key to credibility with a new product or service.

     Simple – Make sure your position against tradition is presented in a super-logical, easy to understand way.

These days I’m doing it again. I just developed a 22-step, advanced formula for selling homes at higher prices. I imported into real estate some of the Apple-advanced strategies used to generate “stand in line” excitement in the launch of an iPhone. My inspiration was observing the way most of the real estate industry slaps a $500,000 home on the market like a grocer might sell a $5 loaf of bread.

Are you ready to start selling at the JFK/MLK level? I’m on a mission to overturn another antiquated tradition. What about you?

3d software book with blank covers isolated on whiteGreg Hague is a 35-year real estate broker, author, attorney and speaker. He was recently featured in Forbes and over 220 publications worldwide for his advanced, 22-step home selling formula. Greg coaches real estate agents who aspire to excel to the highest level as “game changers” in their profession. His website is



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  1. What a fascinating idea! I wish my agent had this sort of knowledge when selling my previous home! Thank you for taking the time to find ways to renovate the real estate industry.

  2. What an incredible perpective on home selling! Way to start a movement that will truly help the real estate world! Every seller deserves this opportunity! Thanks, Greg :)

  3. Greg Boller says:

    Really inspiring stuff. Going to try this out. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What an incredible perpective on real estate! Every seller deserves this opportunity! Thanks, Greg :)

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