The Sales Slump Stops Here

Have you ever gone into an emotional slump? A financial slump? A performance slump? Of course, you have. No matter how good your attitude, and no matter how resolutely you confront your difficulties, there will be days when things do not go right.

In my sales training seminars, I teach a 10-step system to cure slumping, whether in business, or in our personal lives. Here they are:

  1. Become highly skilled at what you do. If you haven’t perfected your knowledge and skills, how can you say you’re slumping? Practice, drill, and rehearse to get to the highest level you’re capable of, and you’ll be impervious to slumps.
  2. Burn the past. The past is dead, so get rid of it.
  3. Live in this moment. Never forget that life is always this minute’s consciousness.  Enjoy life right this moment.
  4. Plan your future instead of worrying about it. Study how you want your life to evolve, then plan how you’ll make it happen.
  5. Don’t demand fairness from life. Our world was not designed to be fair, so quit asking for fairness and stop letting your limitations depress you. Take what you’ve got and get what you want with it.
  6. Don’t be guilty.  If you’re tempted to do something that will make you feel guilty, don’t do it.  However, if you decide to do it, also decide to enjoy it.  Forget the guilt.
  7. Commit to high performance, and accept the consequences of that commitment.  When you commit to high performance, you automatically put heavy pressure on your time and energy.  So, you can’t keep saying yes to everyone or you’ll have no time for yourself, and ultimately, wind up not taking care of anyone.
  8. Work on procrastination.  Notice, I said, “work” on it.  It is a part of human nature to let a few things slide once in a while, but for the next 21 days, try to live by these words: Do it now.
  9. Keep your sense of humor growing.  People who laugh easily get there faster and fresher.  Watch funny movies, learn a joke, tell a funny story, make friends with people who love to laugh and can make you laugh.  Tell yourself each day, that you love to laugh.
  10. Learn to love growth, change, and life.  The truly successful person knows that growth, change, and life are interwoven.  Accept this idea and act on it.

Remember, slumps are bound to happen, but if you apply this system, you can overcome them quickly and get back on your road to achievement and success.

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