You Won’t Overcome All Sales Objections

In the business of selling products and services, you’re bound to hear objections or concerns that interfere with or slow down the sales process. When it comes right down to it, most objections or concerns can be addressed or overcome. Usually, it’s just a matter of clarifying information about the product. Sometimes it can involve switching gears to another product entirely, but most challenges can be overcome. [Read more…]

Closing Sales = Sweet Success

In the selling profession, closing is the winning score, the bottom line, the name of the game, the point of it all. If you can’t close, you’re like a football team that can’t sustain a drive long enough to score. It does you no good to play your whole game in your own territory and never get across the other team’s goal line.

Many salespeople are afraid to close. They’re afraid of asking for the order. They’re so fearful, you would think they were having to personally reach into someone’s pocket for their money. To have any kind of success in sales, you have to get over that fear because this is where the money is.      [Read more…]

The Top 10 Killers of Sales

Any veteran in business can tell you a story about the one that got away. Veterans who are successful in business today learned valuable lessons from those situations and, hopefully, never repeated them. As challenging as the business of selling might be for some, losing sales is unbelievably easy. Learn from the mistakes of others so you won’t have many of the sad stories to tell.

Sales Killer #1 – Lack of professional appearance. If you want people to listen to you and heed your advice regarding your product or service, you have to come across both in appearance and demeanor as a professional expert. This means that you are appropriately groomed. You walk with confidence. People will buy from you based more on your conviction and enthusiasm for your product than they will your product knowledge. [Read more…]

Knowing When to Close the Sale

The actual closing of the sale is by far the most important step in the selling process. I teach lots of techniques for prospecting, meeting people, qualifying, presenting, demonstrating, and overcoming objections, and they’re all important. But, unless you can close, you’re like a football team that can’t sustain a drive long enough to score. [Read more…]


Some salespeople are uncomfortable doing much more than presenting their offering. It’s their favorite part of the sales process. They get to show the product, handle it, and amaze their ‘audiences.’ If you’re great at presenting, that’s wonderful, but it won’t necessarily generage sales. You must ask for the business, directly and clearly! There can be no misunderstanding on the part of the client that it’s decision time. [Read more…]