Ten Steps to Professionalism in Sales

professionalism in salesTo demonstrate professionalism in sales, you must truly become dedicated to your craft. A  professional is a person who has dedicated him or herself to a career — regardless of the field. It’s the opposite of an amateur. Professionals also make more money; could there be a relationship behind that fact? You bet. In selling situations, and in life, the way you present yourself plays a big role in how people think of you and how much people pay attention to what you say. A dedicated professional commands more respect than a casual amateur. Always.

Step #1. Your Attitude.  Are you a professional? If so, let everyone know it. If not, maybe that’s why you’re not as successful as you would like to be. [Read more…]

Keep Your Boat Afloat

How do negative thought patterns affect your life? They give you the emotional droops. Your drooping emotions bring on a mental sag. Then your sagging mental powers cause a downturn in your job performance. That downturn leads directly to a sharp decline in your income. The decline in your income gives you more negative thought patterns, and they add more spin to your downward spiral.

We all go into declines. We all slide downhill now and then. Here are a few things you should be continuously doing to keep from getting exposed to depression:

[Read more…]

Mastering Your Inner Game by Dan Kennedy

We’re going to talk about the inner game of building your business. I believe that the inner game is simply all-important. “The inner game” is a new term for a classic idea explained many different times, many different ways by virtually every success educator, and even philosophers.

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill reveals the secret using the words, “thoughts are things.” Dennis Waitley has worked with U.S. astronauts and Olympic athletes on their inner games. Author Tim Galloway explores the ideas of his books, The Inner Game of Golf, The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Selling.

Interestingly, there is a never-ending connection between the inner game in sport and the inner game in business, allowing experts like Waitley, Galloway, ex-quarterback Fran Tarkenton and golfer Arnold Palmer, among others, to step back and forth between expounding on success techniques in the athletic and business worlds. [Read more…]

The Creed of a Champion

As I began my long journey from complete failure in selling to millionaire success, I had a lot of self-image building to do. You see, I was the kid in school who was too shy to read out loud in class. I was more interested in playing sports and making mischief in high school than in studying. I dropped out of college after 90 days because it just wasn’t “for me.” When I did that, my dad told me, “Son, your mother and I will always love you…even though you’ll never amount to anything.” You can imagine where my self-image was as I took on the responsibility of a wife and baby with no real plan for my life. Not being a great student, it was a real struggle for me to get my real estate license after deciding construction work had no future for me.

Once I got my license, though, and started hanging around people who were making pretty good money, I wanted to do the same. I wanted it bad enough to do whatever it would take to succeed. I started learning what they knew. Every personal development seminar that was available had Tom Hopkins sitting in the front row absorbing every word the speakers uttered. This was a whole new world for me. [Read more…]

Living by the Golden Dozen

Here’s the best way I’ve ever found to pull the best performance out of yourself. It’s an extremely simple method. Not easy, simple. First, hang copies of these twelve words where you’ll see them at work, in your car, and at your home:


Now comes the important part: Dedicate yourself to living that declaration.

It doesn’t help to look at those words once in a while and think, “That’s what I’m going to start doing just as soon as I can get myself together.” If you really want to achieve, start living by those dozen words now. [Read more…]

Selling Strategies for the Lifelong Student

America's #1 Sales Trainer - Selling Strategies and TacticsPractical Selling Strategies from America’s #1 Sales Trainer

If you truly desire to succeed in your selling career, dedicate yourself to being a student for your entire life. Your goal for the end of each and every day should be to be able to say, “I learned something new today.”  It’s sad but true, that too many salespeople believe and act as if their education is complete once they’re out of the formal school environment. This is far from the truth. If you want to enjoy a successful life you must continually learn.

In business, the sign of a true professional is how much they can learn after they “know it all.” After learning all you can about your product, it’s still critical to watch and learn from every selling experience.

In sales, one of your most powerful learning tools is your power of observation. Many valuable selling skills and nuances can be picked up just from observing various business and personal situations.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Watch how a child gets his or her way with adults. They’re usually very specific about what they want and persistent.
  • Observe waiters and waitresses, retail clerks and family interactions.

Who gets the “sale” of their point or product? How did they do it? Did they say something verbally or use body language or both to close the sale? Constantly think about how you can apply what you observe in your selling situations.

I’ll keep posting sales training strategies and tactics for closing more sales. To succeed in selling, keep learning!

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