Tom Hopkins Retired? Not!

Tom Hopkins 2014When you’ve been training as long as I have, it’s interesting to hear the buzz that people share about you. During the last few months, my staff has received calls such as these:

  1.  “I heard Tom Hopkins retired.”
  2.  “Tom only trains real estate people, right?”
  3.  “Tom doesn’t train real estate people any more.”
  4.  “Is he still offering seminars to the general public?”
  5.   and my personal favorite, “Is Tom still alive?”

So, this blog post is to dispel the rumors one-by-one.

  1. I have not retired. Sales training is not just ‘what I do.’ It’s who I am. It’s impossible to retire from who you are. Selling is my hobby and my passion. I cannot participate in or observe any sales situation, even if it’s in a fast-food drive-thru without analyzing what is said, the questions that are asked, and the end result — the sale or no-sale. As long as there’s a need and demand for the knowledge I have to share with others, I will strive to fulfill that need. In fact, my latest book, co-authored with corporate trainer/consultant Ben Katt, released April 1, 2014. It’s titled, “When Buyers Say No,” and covers the essential strategies for keeping sales moving forward.
  2. I did begin my training career in the field of real estate only. At one point, I was teaching 15-18 full-day sessions each month. In the early 1980’s when the United States was involved in an inflationary period, interest rates sky-rocketed and many real estate agents found it challenging (to say the least) to get people happily involved in home ownership. With a declining base of agents to train, we transitioned my company to training in a more general sales arena. I was fortunate that the “people” skills I had mastered in real estate translated extremely well to B-to-B sales and non-real estate B-to-C sales of both tangible and intangible products. The end result? “How to Master the Art of Selling,” my book that is still very much in demand (through several edition updates) and the opportunity to train over five million sales professionals around the world.
  3. I still provide training to the real estate industry. In fact, I’ve delivered two training sessions specifically to real estate professionals just recently. Real estate was my first love. It’s the profession that started me on a path of self-education and where I received all of my hard knocks.
  4. For the past year or so, my schedule has been dominated by custom training programs for corporate clients. They hire me to deliver my proven strategies that relate specifically to their products, their selling situations, and address their sales teams’ daily challenges. My training has been widely accepted especially in the financial services industry. I do still speak at events open to the public and am offering a Sales Academy in Las Vegas this summer. All events, including radio interviews are listed on my website.
  5. The results of my annual physicals are pretty boring with much the same results for the past several years–“still alive and kickin’!” Please note that the photo in this blog was taken April 2, 2014. If we ever meet in person, ask me about the shirt. There’s a great sales story behind it.

As always, I wish you greatness!





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